Food plays a very important role once you cross your 40’s. Health becomes primary and we start making many lifestyle changes in order to stay fit.Nana Nani Homes gives utmost importance to the health of its residents. Every meal at Nana Nani Homes is planned in advance by the food and beverages department manager. The food that is prepared is homely and delicious keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the senior residents

Fresh ingredients,vegetables and spices are used  in the Nana Nani Homes Kitchen by the experienced chefs who have worked in the food industry for more than 15 years.

Nutrition has a huge impact on the physical health of older adults. Proper nutritious food keeps us physically fit and also impacts our memory and mental health.

The food that is prepared is served in the spacious dining hall to all the residents on a banana leaf. Breakfast ,lunch ,snack and dinner are served to the residents during the day. Tea, coffee and milk are also served thrice to all the residents. A wide range of cuisines from traditional South Indian, North Indian cuisines to occasional continental cuisines are prepared.

Medium spice,salt and oils are used in cooking everyday meals in order to provide healthy food which is suitable for all. Special food is prepared without oil and salt for people who have undergone heart surgeries.

 As they say “Variety is the spice of life” Nana Nani Homes presents  different varieties of food everyday.There is a well designed menu for each week so that there is no repetition.

On festivals and occasions the food pertaining to that particular festival is prepared and enjoyed by all. Everyone enjoys and relishes the homely food prepared by the chefs.

No one can deny the fact that food is something that one looks forward to everyday. At Nana Nani Homes the food served is homely, it satisfies your taste buds and keeps you fit and healthy.



It is true that the success of any organisation depends upon its employees and the culture that they follow.Nana nani homes is an organisation with a dedicated management team working efficiently round the clock to run the show. They have grown from strength to strength from a small team 10 years ago to a very large team with excellent administration and teamwork.

Proper process and planning drives the entire team to carry out their respective functions in an orderly manner.Values, rules and regulations are strictly followed by every staff member. They never compromise on people that they employ and the service quality that they offer.

A positive environment is seen throughout Nana Nani Homes.Every Nana Nani Homes employee is courteous and polite at all times. They treat the residents as their own parents and grandparents.The residents are given primary importance at all circumstances.

All the staff members are always ready to listen to any kind of feedback and help the residents with their daily needs.Great planning,efficient management and dedicated employees are the secret to the success of Nana Nani Homes. There is a clear hierarchy of managers, supervisors and staff members for every department to manage the day to day workings. 

Nana nani believes never compromises on its quality of employees and ultimately delivers great service to the senior citizens residing there.

Overall one can be sure of coming across a smile and always feel welcomed at NANA NANI. One feels as though one belongs there and that’s very hard to achieve. It’s easy to build a house but very difficult to make it a home. The employees at nana nani provide great comfort and care to all their residents that makes living at Nana Nani a great and pleasurable experience for everyone.

Clean pure drinking water from RO water plant

We need to keep our bodies hydrated to function properly. Clean water is one of the most importent source of energy for our bodies, especially in old age. It delivers instant energy to our body without and does not require any digestive functions.

Many people do not drink enough water in old age and suffer from health issues such as dizziness, nausea and limb weakness. Water solves many of the health related issues that the elders face.

Elders may not realise their body needs as much water as a young person. the senior citizens also need to drink at least 6 to 8 bottles of water a day.

Pure clean drinking water is basic necessity in any household. Nowadays there are a lot of dangers to health due to contaminated water.Clean purified water needs to be provided to all at all times.

At Nana Nani Homes RO water plans are installed in all the phases to provide safe and pure drinking water to all. Even the wash basin taps are connected to RO plant.

The RO plant is monitored from time to time and proper service of the equipment and water filters are done to avoid any kind of contamination.

Warm cumin(jeera) water is provided at all times at the dining hall for better digestion.Cumin water is known for its various health benefits from boosting digestion and staying hydrated to treating anaemia naturally.

Jeera water has numerous health benefits.It helps in regulating blood sugar levels, lowers LDL cholesterol levels and is a great way to get a healthy and clear skin.

Health Care

It is true that one requires assistance after the age of 60. It may be minor help around your home, or a small trip to the medical store. In this respect health care is the major cause of concern for the senior citizens.

Nana Nani Homes have addressed this major cause of concern in their concept of gated community.Health is something that one often worries about after the age of 50.It often causes insecurities and fear in our minds.When Nana Nani Homes was conceptualised the main aim was to provide a happy and secure environment for the senior residents. They wanted to eliminate the fears related to health by providing good accessible medical care to all the residents

The residents at Nana Nani Homes get complete medical attention by professional medical team comprising of male and female well qualified doctors and nursing staff. Daily consultation are available at the clinic and the doctors visit the residents house if necessary.

Physiotherapy and counselling by experts is also provided if necessary.Dental camps, eye camps are carried out once in a while for the residents

An in house ambulance service equipped with essential life support equipment needed in those critical hours are on standby 24/7. The medical staff can handle medical emergencies and they shifts the patient to leading hospitals in the city for further treatment if situation demands. 

Nani Nani Homes have tie ups with leading multi-speciality hospitals and labs in the city for delivering preferential treatment for the residents.

Nani Nani Homes takes care of you and your partner during your retired life and provides you a secured living space to lead an active retirement

Cinema theatres


Indians enjoy art forms of all types and cinema is considered a primary entertainment factor in India. One cannot take away the love for cinema from an Indian may it be a 5 year old or an 80 year old person.

Understanding the importance of cinema, Nana Nani homes have included a full fledged movie theatre inside the Nana Nani community for the residents to enjoy and be immersed in the joy of cinema.

Nana Nani Homes boasts of having two state of the art cinema screens with excellent sound systems in phase 3 and 4.

Phase 3 has a 40 ft* by 16 ft screen and can accommodate 200 seats in the theatre at once with dolby digital sound systems which ensures an excellent movie experience.

Likewise phase 4 has a 20 ft * by 12 ft  silver screen with Boss speakers which gives a great audio visual experience. This movie theatre can accommodate 90 people at a time.

All genres and languages are screened at theatres. Every week a movie is scheduled which is played at different show timings for the convenience of the residents. Any special requests of the residents is also considered for the selection of movie screening.

Old as well as new Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi , Telugu, Kannada movies are played throughout the week.Residents enjoy watching the movies and they no longer need to go to any cinema theatre outside. Nana Nani homes brings all the comforts of living at your door step especially for the senior citizens for them to have a lovely and joyful living. Movie lovers enjoy watching the movie of their choice at their convenient time.

One does not have to sacrifice these simple pleasures of life due to one’s age or the distance that one has to travel. Every aspect of Nana Nani homes is designed to make life simple,easy and enjoyable without compromising the quality of life.

Temples at Nana Nani Homes


Keeping the tradition and cultural heritage of India alive, Nana Nani Homes have built massive temples in each phase for its residents. Nana Nani Homes does not miss a single opportunity to offer the support and encouragement to keep the spirits high and make each day a joyous one for its residents.

Each Nana Nani Homes gated community is bestowed with a temple with a main deity and many more small deities around. Every phase is launched only after the kumbhabhishekam is performed in the temple which is attended by the future residents and their relatives and friends along with important spiritual heads as chief guests.


Sri Kubera Vinayagar Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 2

Sree Radha Krishna Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 3

Maha Vallabha Ganapathy Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 3

Lord Hanuman Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE  3 

A magnificent Temple for Sree Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 4

Everyday morning and evening pooja’s are conducted regularly with residents reading slokas and singing bhajans from time to time.
Every Indian festival is celebrated in the temple with grandeur. The temples are beautifully decorated and idols are dressed in beautiful silk cloth and jewels.

The priests at Nana Nani Homes are carefully chosen keeping in mind the culture and values of the community. They carry forward the daily activities  beautifully and with devotion. Regular prasadams are distributed and songs are sung in praise of the deity. 

The monthly activities/poojas of the temple are planned and the residents are well aware of the activities happening within the community. These events are made even more lively by the residents participation.

Frequent Abhishekams and Archana’s are performed for the residents in the temple.

The auspicious days of every month is celebrated in the temples in a grand manner. On the day of Sankatahara Chathurthi, special worship of Lord Vinayaka is done. All Pradosham days are celebrated with the chanting of Rudrajapam by the residents and simultaneous abhishekam to the Linga representing Lord Siva, the destroyer of ignorance is performed. On every Kirthika star and Shashti Thithi day, the attention is focused on the worship of Lord Muruga with special abhishekams and alankarams. Pournami Samrajyalakshmi Homam, Sudarsana Homam, Rohini and Swati Thirumanjanam are conducted in a grand manner in the Mahalakshmi Temple and mantra chanting and worshipful Arati for the Goddess of Wealth takes place. Various other pujas like Vigneswara Pujai, Subrahmanya Homam, Ganapathy Homam are conducted regularly with the active participation of the residents.

Any important days for the residents like their birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated by performing abhishekam and poojas.

At all times the temples are maintained neatly by the management with lots of care and cleanliness.

Social life at Nana Nani Homes

Retirement can result in lower interactions with colleagues and acquaintances. Finally falling prey to boredom money alone cannot bring you happiness. We need to live among friends and foes, talk to people and enjoy the latter stage of our lives.

Social life at Nana Nani Homes is something that one can look forward to. Every day begins with greeting friends of your age and chit chatting about current affairs while walking up to the dining hall for a coffee or tea. It is almost like you have no time to feel bored as you are meeting your friends at least 3 times a day during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Spending time with people will keep our minds occupied and active. Sharing thoughts and talking to friends can bring utmost happiness and satisfaction.At the age of 50 what does one need? Someoene to talk to, someone to spend time with.This happens everyday life at Nana Nani Homes.

The staff and management are very friendly and attend to each and every concern that a resident has. The happiness and satisfaction of the resident is of utmost importance to them.

Social gatherings such as spiritual classes, music classes, public speeches, cultural events and temple events keep the residents busy every day. There is no room for boredom at all. Life at Nana Nani Homes is filled with celebrations and events.

Festivals are celebrated in a grand manner at Nana Nani Homes. All the residents plan the events to be conducted throughout the year and execute it beautifully.

Together they organise programs, concerts, games and enjoy it to the fullest. There is never a dull moment for the residents living at Nana Nani Homes  

So many people to talk to, such a massive team of management to help you day in and day out with your needs makes you wonder if this is truly your dream life.The function hall at Nana Nani Homes  is always lively with events.

From music concerts to dance events, seminars, speeches and also personal functions like 60th birthdays or anniversaries to dramas, theatre plays, etc.., takes place. Leading artists and personalities are invited to Nana Nani Homes regularly.

Spiritual discourse by Swami Sadatmananda Ji of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and Swamini Pramananda Ji of Purna Vidya Foundation are conducted in the aesthetically designed function hall.

Other regular events include Veda parayanam, Keyboard music class, Karaoke music class, Yoga class, Sanskrit language class, Japanese language class, Thirupugal class, Sai bhajan, Narayaneeyam parayanam, Bhagavatam moola parayanam, Carnatic vocal class, Bhagavath Geetha & bhajan classes.

There is a temple inside every Nana Nani Homes community to provide a place of worship for all the residents. The residents take part is everyday pooja and chanting and gather almost every morning and evening regularly.

Nana Nani Homes is undoubtedly the best place for senior citizens to enjoy their life after 50 with like minded people of their age.

Servicing the “New old age”

Bringing a major shift in the society by catering to the “new old age”

The family as a unit today in India has changed from being a joint family to a nuclear one and now even further a micro nuclear family being just the parents and their children living together in a home. The concept of living with grandparents is seen very rarely

The senior citizens are no longer living with their married sons and daughters due to various reasons. This brings us to the question being how do we create a happy,healthy and safe atmosphere for the older generation where they feel secure and looked after.

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes have devised a concept with the main aim of providing a safe,healthy and active atmosphere for the people over 50 years where they can live life once again for themselves and enjoy this beautiful phase of life being in the company of people of their age.

A beautiful home in a gated community designed especially to satisfy the needs of the senior citizens along with safe,healthy food and a happy peaceful environment.The other amenities include a temple, cinema theatre, swimming pool,gym, yoga center, walking track, beauty parlour, ayurvedic center,temple, medical shop, doctor, ambulance.

 Nana Nani Homes totally eliminates boredom keeping the residents occupied with celebrations and events throughout the year, the temple events take place every day and residents take part in the abhishekams and poojas everyday.

Sons and daughters of the residents visit their retired parents with their children and they are very happy that they have chosen the rigt place for their mom and dad. The senior residents are taken care of in such a luxurious and healthy peaceful atmosphere with all the top class facilities at their doorstep.

The most important concern of every son and daughter is the health of their retired parents. Health care facilities are provided inside the community with an in house clinic and a doctor. An ambulance is stationed 24 /7 at every phase for any kind of emergency.

All that a son or a daughter would want to do for their parents are taken care of at Nana Nani Homes.

The residents never feel lonely and bored in this residential community since they are in the company of many more senior citizens who are like minded and have similar interests.

Talent Outburst


Every individual residing at Nana Nani Homes has the opportunity and the stage to showcase their talents to the audience. Nana Nani Homes believes an active mind leads to healthy lifestyle. Every resident is encouraged to participate in all the cultural and recreational activities inside the community. There is never a dull day at Nana Nani Homes. The whole atmosphere is always positive due to the activities and events that take place inside the community.

Residents take up leadership and plan many cultural events and showcase their talents in the form of dance, music, drama and speech. It is indeed an inspiration to everyone and a sight to watch these senior citizens with so much enthusiasm and talent.

Every activity is organised with the full support from Nana Nani Homes team  and all the assistance required is always provided to the planning committee.The residents forget their age and sing and dance and enjoy themselves.Since the audience is also of the same age group there is no apprehension for the residents in performing in front of them.

The function hall is always ready for celebrations. Various programs catering to different fields like spirituality, health, music, arts are organised on a regular basis by the management.Residents are free to showcase their talent and interests without any hassles, as the management takes care of all ground level arrangements on their behalf.

Group dance like kolam, dandiya are performed by the dance lovers. The dance is choreographed and costumes are bought by all the participants. They do their make up and come on to the stage like professionals. The music is played and you can see the sparkle in their eyes when they dance and perform. It seems as if they have gone back in time to their younger days.

Music lovers perform like professionals with the support of orchestra. Old songs, old memories come to life and everyone is lost in the happy melodies and memories.Solo and couple musical programs like karaoke, carnatic music class, bhajans are a regular events here at Nana Nani Homes.

Tournaments are conducted for the sports enthusiast who take part and win trophies. Carrom tournaments, chess tournaments and many more sports events are conducted and one can see active participation from all the residents.

All the unfulfilled wishes of one’s life are fulfilled here. They feel satisfied and happy to be a part of Nana Nani Homes community that has so much to offer to them. One often wonders if life would ever be so happy after retirement but at Nana Nani Homes one can see it to believe it.

King size lifestyle at Nana Nani Homes

How is living life after retirement really like? 

Retired life is something that everyone looks forward to. The peace and calm that one wants in the latter part of life is everyone’s dream.After running behind money, fame, children it is finally time to take a back seat and enjoy the ride called life.

To many,retirement may denote loneliness,boredom and many more insecurities. The uncertainties that come along with old age are everyone’s worries.

But Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes have redefined the concept of living life after 50. Established in the year 2010 in a beautiful and calm city of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu they have come up with the brilliant concept of “The New Old Age”. Its true that when people retire,they lose their existing social network of colleagues and acquaintances. At Nana Nani Homes you can have a happy retired life and find new friends and foes in your neighbourhood after your 50’s. 

A lifestyle boost for people in their retirement.A community with brilliant state of the art luxurious homes with great infrastructural facilities and amenities for a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy your life after 50 with all that this community has to offer.

A grand home that you always wanted

A grand home designed keeping in mind all the needs of your age.

2 bhk ,3bhk villas and apartments are available for you to choose from.Excellent construction and aesthetically designed homes just for you.

A gated community

A secure gated community with amenities like temples, meditation hall, clinic, parks, walkways, swimming pool, clubhouses, departmental store. You don’t need to leave the community for any of your daily needs. The community which caters to only the senior residents with top-class facilities and excellent care. Every resident is looked upon as a family member here. 


Nana Nani Homes has a common kitchen that prepares healthy vegetarian meals 3 times a day for the senior residents. No more cooking at home. The lady of the house can sit back and relax in her 50’s and engage in other activities that interests her.

 The food at Nana Nani Homes is prepared especially for the senior residents with mild spice and oils. Healthy vegetarian diet everyday.

Other facilities

People who conceptualised Nana Nani Homes believe that active minds are a great way to be healthy and therefore have come up with many facilities like a gym, yoga room, a games room , a swimming pool and many more facilities inside the community to provide an active retirement life.

A 90 seater Cinema theatre at Nana Nani Homes

The community has a full fledged cinema theatre  that showcases movies in different languages.

State of the art gym with top-class equipment, a large clean swimming pool, walking track, meditation hall etc.., keeps everyone active and busy.

The vibe at Nana Nani Homes is so positive and the residents are so happy living there. It’s a life that everyone dreams of in their retirement.

Cultural events

Nana Nani Homes conduct regular events and festivities inside the community. All the residents actively participate in the cultural and religious events.

After successfully completing many projects Nana Nani Homes  is marching forward with great vigour towards providing better lifestyle,even better homes, better food and an amazing living experience. Spending your retired life at Nana Nani Homes is a dream come true, a paradise for the senior citizens. A place where people really care for you.It is a lifestyle that you have always dreamt of for you and your partner.