Cinema theatres


Indians enjoy art forms of all types and cinema is considered a primary entertainment factor in India. One cannot take away the love for cinema from an Indian may it be a 5 year old or an 80 year old person.

Understanding the importance of cinema, Nana Nani homes have included a full fledged movie theatre inside the Nana Nani community for the residents to enjoy and be immersed in the joy of cinema.

Nana Nani Homes boasts of having two state of the art cinema screens with excellent sound systems in phase 3 and 4.

Lights, Camera, Action “Theatres at Nana Nani Homes”

Phase 3 has a 40 ft* by 16 ft screen and can accommodate 200 seats in the theatre at once with dolby digital sound systems which ensures an excellent movie experience.

Likewise phase 4 has a 20 ft * by 12 ft  silver screen with Boss speakers which gives a great audio visual experience. This movie theatre can accommodate 90 people at a time.

All genres and languages are screened at theatres. Every week a movie is scheduled which is played at different show timings for the convenience of the residents. Any special requests of the residents is also considered for the selection of movie screening.

Old as well as new Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi , Telugu, Kannada movies are played throughout the week. Residents enjoy watching the movies and they no longer need to go to any cinema theatre outside. Nana Nani homes brings all the comforts of living at your door step especially for the senior citizens for them to have a lovely and joyful living. Movie lovers enjoy watching the movie of their choice at their convenient time.

One does not have to sacrifice these simple pleasures of life due to one’s age or the distance that one has to travel. Every aspect of Nana Nani Homes is designed to make life simple,easy and enjoyable without compromising the quality of life.

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