It is true that the success of any organisation depends upon its employees and the culture that they follow. Nana nani homes is an organisation with a dedicated management team working efficiently round the clock to run the show. They have grown from strength to strength from a small team 10 years ago to a very large team with excellent administration and teamwork.

Proper process and planning drives the entire team to carry out their respective functions in an orderly manner. Values, rules and regulations are strictly followed by every staff member. They never compromise on people that they employ and the service quality that they offer.

A positive environment is seen throughout Nana Nani Homes. Every Nana Nani Homes employee is courteous and polite at all times. They treat the residents as their own parents and grandparents. The residents are given primary importance at all circumstances.

All the staff members are always ready to listen to any kind of feedback and help the residents with their daily needs. Great planning, efficient management and dedicated employees are the secret to the success of Nana Nani Homes. There is a clear hierarchy of managers, supervisors and staff members for every department to manage the day to day workings. 

Nana Nani Homes believes never compromises on its quality of employees and ultimately delivers great service to the senior citizens residing there.

Overall one can be sure of coming across a smile and always feel welcomed at NANA NANI HOMES. One feels as though one belongs there and that’s very hard to achieve. It’s easy to build a house but very difficult to make it a home. The employees at nana nani provide great comfort and care to all their residents that makes living at Nana Nani Homes a great and pleasurable experience for everyone.

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