Nana Nani homes is an organisation that truly believes in our Indian culture and tradition. Nana Nani homes wants to keep our tradition and culture alive in every aspect of life.Our ancient vedic culture  gives a lot of importance to the cow and describes that all the devas reside in the cow. The cow takes very little from us and gives us a great deal more, thus the cow has a prominent place in Indian society.India has 37 pure cattle breeds. 

The cow is looked upon as God and therefore Nana Nani Homes have created an inhouse go shala built on 5 acres of land where almost 50 cows are taken care of. They are well fed and looked after by caretakers.

There are many breeds of cow at Nana Nani Goshala like gir,sahiwal, tharparkar known for their milking powers, kankrej,ongole which are good plough animals kangayam an indigenous breed of India,swarna kapila an exceptional breed of Indian cows native to Dakshina Karnataka and Kasaragod.

Kapila, one of the native breeds of Southern Karnataka known for its small size and spiritual elegance is considered as the best cow breed. This breed is the most revered cow for worship and raised for the use of its products in Havanas, poojas and other religious activities.

The go shala thus provides milk which is used in temple and to make curd, and buttermilk.

These milk products from the cow are used in Nana Nani homes kitchen. 

To prepare various foods. The cows are well maintained and cared for at the Go shala. The health of the cows are checked from time to time and proper medical care is given if required.

Nana Nani aims at protecting these breeds of cows and giving them a proper healthy atmosphere to live in.

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