Health Care

It is true that one requires assistance after the age of 60. It may be minor help around your home, or a small trip to the medical store. In this respect health care is the major cause of concern for the senior citizens.

Nana Nani Homes have addressed this major cause of concern in their concept of gated community.Health is something that one often worries about after the age of 50.It often causes insecurities and fear in our minds.When Nana Nani Homes was conceptualised the main aim was to provide a happy and secure environment for the senior residents. They wanted to eliminate the fears related to health by providing good accessible medical care to all the residents.

The residents at Nana Nani Homes get complete medical attention by professional medical team comprising of male and female well qualified doctors and nursing staff. Daily consultation are available at the clinic and the doctors visit the residents house if necessary.

Physiotherapy and counselling by experts is also provided if necessary. Dental camps, eye camps are carried out once in a while for the residents

An in house ambulance service equipped with essential life support equipment needed in those critical hours are on standby 24/7. The medical staff can handle medical emergencies and they shifts the patient to leading hospitals in the city for further treatment if the situation demands. 

Our Healthcare Services at Nana Nani Homes

Nani Nani Homes have tie-ups with leading multi-specialty hospitals and labs in the city for delivering preferential treatment for the residents.

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Nani Nani Homes takes care of you and your partner during your retired life and provides you a secured living space to lead an active retirement

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