King size lifestyle at Nana Nani Homes

How is living life after retirement really like? 

Retired life is something that everyone looks forward to. The peace and calm that one wants in the latter part of life is everyone’s dream.After running behind money, fame, children it is finally time to take a back seat and enjoy the ride called life.

To many,retirement may denote loneliness,boredom and many more insecurities. The uncertainties that come along with old age are everyone’s worries.

But Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes have redefined the concept of living life after 50. Established in the year 2010 in a beautiful and calm city of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu they have come up with the brilliant concept of “The New Old Age”. Its true that when people retire,they lose their existing social network of colleagues and acquaintances. At Nana Nani Homes you can have a happy retired life and find new friends and foes in your neighbourhood after your 50’s.

A lifestyle boost for people in their retirement. A community with brilliant state of the art luxurious homes with great infrastructural facilities and amenities for a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy your life after 50 with all that this community has to offer.

A grand home that you always wanted

A grand home designed keeping in mind all the needs of your age.

2 bhk ,3bhk villas and apartments are available for you to choose from.Excellent construction and aesthetically designed homes just for you.

A gated community

A secure gated community with amenities like temples, meditation hall, clinic, parks, walkways, swimming pool, clubhouses, departmental store. You don’t need to leave the community for any of your daily needs. The community which caters to only the senior residents with top-class facilities and excellent care. Every resident is looked upon as a family member here.


Nana Nani Homes has a common kitchen that prepares healthy vegetarian meals 3 times a day for the senior residents. No more cooking at home. The lady of the house can sit back and relax in her 50’s and engage in other activities that interests her.

The food at Nana Nani Homes is prepared especially for the senior residents with mild spice and oils. Healthy vegetarian diet everyday.

Other facilities

A 90 seater Cinema theatre at Nana Nani Homes

People who conceptualised Nana Nani Homes believe that active minds are a great way to be healthy and therefore have come up with many facilities like a gym, yoga room, a games room , a swimming pool and many more facilities inside the community to provide an active retirement life.

The community has a full fledged cinema theatre  that showcases movies in different languages.

State of the art gym with top-class equipment, a large clean swimming pool, walking track, meditation hall etc.., keeps everyone active and busy.

The vibe at Nana Nani Homes is so positive and the residents are so happy living there. It’s a life that everyone dreams of in their retirement.

Cultural events

Nana Nani Homes conduct regular events and festivities inside the community. All the residents actively participate in the cultural and religious events.

After successfully completing many projects Nana Nani Homes  is marching forward with great vigour towards providing better lifestyle,even better homes, better food and an amazing living experience. Spending your retired life at Nana Nani Homes is a dream come true, a paradise for the senior citizens. A place where people really care for you.It is a lifestyle that you have always dreamt of for you and your partner.

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