Servicing the “New old age”

Bringing a major shift in the society by catering to the “new old age”

The family as a unit today in India has changed from being a joint family to a nuclear one and now even further a micro nuclear family being just the parents and their children living together in a home. The concept of living with grandparents is seen very rarely

The senior citizens are no longer living with their married sons and daughters due to various reasons. This brings us to the question being how do we create a happy,healthy and safe atmosphere for the older generation where they feel secure and looked after.

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes have devised a concept with the main aim of providing a safe,healthy and active atmosphere for the people over 50 years where they can live life once again for themselves and enjoy this beautiful phase of life being in the company of people of their age.

A beautiful home in a gated community designed especially to satisfy the needs of the senior citizens along with safe,healthy food and a happy peaceful environment.The other amenities include a temple, cinema theatre, swimming pool,gym, yoga center, walking track, beauty parlour, ayurvedic center,temple, medical shop, doctor, ambulance.

 Nana Nani Homes totally eliminates boredom keeping the residents occupied with celebrations and events throughout the year, the temple events take place every day and residents take part in the abhishekams and poojas everyday.

Sons and daughters of the residents visit their retired parents with their children and they are very happy that they have chosen the rigt place for their mom and dad. The senior residents are taken care of in such a luxurious and healthy peaceful atmosphere with all the top class facilities at their doorstep.

The most important concern of every son and daughter is the health of their retired parents. Health care facilities are provided inside the community with an in house clinic and a doctor. An ambulance is stationed 24 /7 at every phase for any kind of emergency.

All that a son or a daughter would want to do for their parents are taken care of at Nana Nani Homes.

The residents never feel lonely and bored in this residential community since they are in the company of many more senior citizens who are like minded and have similar interests. 

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