Social life at Nana Nani Homes

Retirement can result in lower interactions with colleagues and acquaintances. Finally falling prey to boredom money alone cannot bring you happiness. We need to live among friends and foes, talk to people and enjoy the latter stage of our lives.

Social life at Nana Nani Homes is something that one can look forward to. Every day begins with greeting friends of your age and chit chatting about current affairs while walking up to the dining hall for a coffee or tea. It is almost like you have no time to feel bored as you are meeting your friends at least 3 times a day during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Spending time with people will keep our minds occupied and active. Sharing thoughts and talking to friends can bring utmost happiness and satisfaction.At the age of 50 what does one need? Someoene to talk to, someone to spend time with.This happens everyday life at Nana Nani Homes.

The staff and management are very friendly and attend to each and every concern that a resident has. The happiness and satisfaction of the resident is of utmost importance to them.

Social gatherings such as spiritual classes, music classes, public speeches, cultural events and temple events keep the residents busy every day. There is no room for boredom at all. Life at Nana Nani Homes is filled with celebrations and events.

Festivals are celebrated in a grand manner at Nana Nani Homes. All the residents plan the events to be conducted throughout the year and execute it beautifully.


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