Talent Outburst


Every individual residing at Nana Nani Homes has the opportunity and the stage to showcase their talents to the audience. Nana Nani Homes believes an active mind leads to healthy lifestyle. Every resident is encouraged to participate in all the cultural and recreational activities inside the community. There is never a dull day at Nana Nani Homes. The whole atmosphere is always positive due to the activities and events that take place inside the community.

Residents take up leadership and plan many cultural events and showcase their talents in the form of dance, music, drama and speech. It is indeed an inspiration to everyone and a sight to watch these senior citizens with so much enthusiasm and talent.

Every activity is organised with the full support from Nana Nani Homes team  and all the assistance required is always provided to the planning committee.The residents forget their age and sing and dance and enjoy themselves.Since the audience is also of the same age group there is no apprehension for the residents in performing in front of them.

The function hall is always ready for celebrations. Various programs catering to different fields like spirituality, health, music, arts are organised on a regular basis by the management.Residents are free to showcase their talent and interests without any hassles, as the management takes care of all ground level arrangements on their behalf.

Group dance like kolam, dandiya are performed by the dance lovers. The dance is choreographed and costumes are bought by all the participants. They do their make up and come on to the stage like professionals. The music is played and you can see the sparkle in their eyes when they dance and perform. It seems as if they have gone back in time to their younger days.

Music lovers perform like professionals with the support of orchestra. Old songs, old memories come to life and everyone is lost in the happy melodies and memories.Solo and couple musical programs like karaoke, carnatic music class, bhajans are a regular events here at Nana Nani Homes.

Tournaments are conducted for the sports enthusiast who take part and win trophies. Carrom tournaments, chess tournaments and many more sports events are conducted and one can see active participation from all the residents.

All the unfulfilled wishes of one’s life are fulfilled here. They feel satisfied and happy to be a part of Nana Nani Homes community that has so much to offer to them. One often wonders if life would ever be so happy after retirement but at Nana Nani Homes one can see it to believe it.

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