Temples at Nana Nani Homes


Keeping the tradition and cultural heritage of India alive, Nana Nani Homes have built massive temples in each phase for its residents. Nana Nani does not miss a single opportunity to offer the support and encouragement to keep the spirits high and make each day a joyous one for its residents.

Each Nana Nani Homes gated community is bestowed with a temple with a main deity and many more small deities around.Every phase is launched only after the kumbhabhishekam is performed in the temple which is attended by the future residents and their relatives and friends along with important spiritual heads as chief guests.

Sri Kubera Vinayagar Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 2 
Sree Radha Krishna Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 3
Maha Vallabha Ganapathy Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 3
Lord Hanuman Temple at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE-3
A magnificent Temple for Sree Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, at NANA NANI HOMES PHASE 4

Everyday morning and evening pooja’s are conducted regularly with residents reading slokas and singing bhajans from time to time.
Every indian festival is celebrated in the temple with grandeur. The temples are beautifully decorated and idols are dressed in beautiful silk cloth and jewels.

The priests at Nana Nani Homes are carefully chosen keeping in mind the culture and values of the community. They carry forward the daily activities beautifully and with devotion. Regular prasadams are distributed and songs are sung in praise of the deity.
The monthly activities/poojas of the temple are planned and the residents are well aware of the activities happening within the community.These events are made even more lively by the residents participation.

Frequent abhishekams and archana’s are performed for the residents in the temple.

The auspicious days of every month is celebrated in the temples in a grand manner. On the day of Sankatahara Chathurthi, special worship of Lord Vinayaka is done.All pradosham days are celebrated with the chanting of Rudrajapam by the residents and simultaneous abhishekam to the Linga representing Lord Siva, the destroyer of ignorance is performed. On every Kirthika star and Shashti Thithi day, the attention is focused on the worship of Lord Muruga with special abhishekams and alankarams. Pournami Samrajyalakshmi Homam,Sudarsana Homam, Rohini and Swati Thirumanjanam are conducted in a grand manner in the Mahalakshmi Temple and mantra chanting and worshipful Arati for the Goddess of Wealth takes place.Various other pujas like Vigneswara Pujai, Subrahmanya Homam, Ganapathy Homam are conducted regularly with the active participation of the residents.

Any important days for the residents like their birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated by performing abhishekam and poojas.

At all times the temples are maintained neatly by the management with lots of care and cleanliness.

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