The Community Hall at Nana Nani Homes

Nana Nani homes has aesthetically brilliant architecture throughout the community.Each aspect is built with utmost care especially for the senior residents. Every phase has a spacious air-conditioned community

hall with excellent audio-visual equipment from leading brands like Bose, Epson, Yamaha, Sennheiser etc. 

The hall has a large stage where performances takes place.

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The community hall is the place of social gathering where events are conducted everyday.The function hall is always ready for celebrations. Music concerts,dance events, seminars,conferences,personal functions,dramas by residents, theatre plays, etc are hosted there.

The residents as well as the management organise events in the community hall on a regular basis.

 In today’s world, finding a place for celebrating ones family events has become a great challenge. One has to organise catering and other additional services to conduct an event. Nana Nani has devised a solution especially for the senior citizens to solve this hassle.A sadhabishegam function or an anniversary celebration of a couple can be celebrated in the grand community hall.The Nana Nani Homes management helps with all the preparation and the celebrations.

If any resident wants to conduct religious pujas like bhagavat sevai or a bhajan gathering , the same can be grandly organised at Nana Nani Homes community hall. 

The community hall has also witnessed some major dance events and musical events by the residents. Some residents have grandchildren who showcase their talents in the traditional art forms at the community hall and receive the applause and blessings of the residents.

The community hall also hosts many awareness programs for the elderly. Doctors and social workers also present their speech and share their knowledge with the residents here.

On the whole the community hall is the major place of attraction for all the residents and they look forward to the events happening from time to time.

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